Jesus said, ‘I am the Good Shepherd… I know my sheep and my sheep know me.’ John 10.14

Decorative image of lighted votive candles

School Prayer Group

Reverend Theresa has offered to run a regular prayer group at school for any parents, staff and children who would like to attend. This would be a short meeting in school held on Thursday mornings after school drop off and before our daily whole school collective worship. At the moment it’s simply an offer and …

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Image of a bandaged teddy bear

Half-term catch-up clinics

Pop-up vaccination clinics have been arranged over half term to make it easier for you to make sure your child is fully vaccinated against measles and any other childhood vaccinations they may have missed. People of all ages can attend the clinics, including young people and adults. The nearest clinics to Bayford are in Hatfield …

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Cost of living picture from Hertfordshire County Council

Cost of living resources

This winter Hertfordshire County Council wants to make sure that advice and support is available to help every resident deal with the rising cost of living and to stay safe and well as temperatures drop. HCC have asked us to help them reach as many people as possible with information about resources you can access. …

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Photograph of pupils at Bayford School

Free School Meals: Might you be eligible?

According to the county council over 6,000 households in Hertfordshire could be eligible for free school meals but so far haven’t applied, including over 1400 households in the areas from which most of our families come. Might you be one of those families? As well as missing out on a free school meal, households could …

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Photograph of the village pub in Bayford the Baker Arms

We’re supporting Friends of Baker Arms

If you live in Bayford itself, you’ll know all about Friends of Baker Arms. For those who don’t, the Baker Arms is our local pub… or at least it was until it closed in June 2023. As a school we’ve always had a really good relationship with the pub: landlords used to let us use …

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Graphic art illustrating a cake sale for WWF

Wear it Wild Day details

On Monday 27th March we will be holding our Wear It Wild day. For a suggested minimum £2.00 donation, children may come to school dressed as an animal. They needn’t go wild (excuse the pun) and buy a fancy animal costume, they could just wear animal accessories with their own clothes if they wish to. …

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