Jesus said, ‘I am the Good Shepherd… I know my sheep and my sheep know me.’ John 10.14

Image of the front page of the Bayford Bugle May 2024 edition

Bayford Bugle May 2024

The May edition of our school newsletter has now been sent out to parents, and you can also catch up with our latest news by downloading it here! The May edition has important news and information about: Last, but not least, there’s a picture of Mrs Kinsley with her baby daughter Sophia! Mrs KInsley is …

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A graphic image representing information

School Hours from September

Thank you to everyone who took part in our consultation process last term about the need to extend school hours slightly from September. Parents, staff and governors shared their thoughts and we have now been able to take a decision. Of course, we can’t please everyone all the time, but we hope that with four …

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Image taken from FOLLOW campaign spring 2024 leaflet

Introducing the FOLLOW campaign

Hertfordshire’s Early Years Service have been working on a speech, language and communication campaign, known as FOLLOW. FOLLOW is a very simple and easy to use set of strategies that parents and carers can use with their little ones to help develop speech, language and communication skills at home. The FOLLOW campaign will give you …

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Decorative image of lighted votive candles

School Prayer Group

Reverend Theresa has offered to run a regular prayer group at school for any parents, staff and children who would like to attend. This would be a short meeting in school held on Thursday mornings after school drop off and before our daily whole school collective worship. At the moment it’s simply an offer and …

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Image of a bandaged teddy bear

Half-term catch-up clinics

Pop-up vaccination clinics have been arranged over half term to make it easier for you to make sure your child is fully vaccinated against measles and any other childhood vaccinations they may have missed. People of all ages can attend the clinics, including young people and adults. The nearest clinics to Bayford are in Hatfield …

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Graphic stick person style image of a parent and child

Changing school hours

From the start of the next academic year, so beginning in September 2024, we need to make a slight change to the hours when the children will be in school. Recent guidance from the Department for Education states that children should be provided with 32.5 hours of education in school each week. Currently, with our …

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