Our new school vision, and sheep!

Jesus said, ‘I am the Good Shepherd… I know my sheep and my sheep know me.’ John 10.14

We launched our new school vision statement with the children on Tuesday 20th September. Our new vision statement is inspired by a verse from the Gospel of John (10.14) in which Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd, who knows his sheep and is known by the sheep. Since so few people today really know anything about sheep, we thought it would be great if the children, and adults, met some real ones. Enter Buzz and Woody the sheep, pictured above with pupils from Class 1. Buzz and Woody made it very clear that sheep aren’t timid or stupid. Sheep are actually very intelligent (at least on a par with the average dog), tough, brave, and resilient. Sheep are really good at remembering human faces and have strong social bonds.

As well as meeting Buzz and Woody, each class did its own activities and shared in whole school input. So Class 1, for example, learned the sign language for our new school motto (can the children remember it?), heard the story of David the Shepherd, and made some sheep biscuits and lion masks. Class 3 re-enacted their class associated bible story, learned the new school motto, played games, did fun activities and also did lots of lovely artwork.

You can find out all about our new vision statement and motto by clicking on the button below. Later in the school year there’ll be a new school song too!