OFSTED graded 'Good' October 2019. "Bayford is a lively, friendly place to learn. Pupils are polite, helpful and caring.

Our School

As a Christian school, we aim to:

Shared Values

The values of Courage, Appreciation, Respect, Peace, Responsibility and Love help us to learn together to become the best we can be.

·        Courage                  to face situations that might be difficult

·        Appreciation        of everyone and everything around us

·        Respect                   towards others and the environment

·        Peace                       through inward and outward reflection

·        Responsibility     for ourselves and others in need

·        Love                         of all that God has created and expressed through his son Jesus


Shared Aims

To facilitate our vision and inspire life-long learning we aim to:

·        Help our children develop lively, imaginative and enquiring minds and to nurture a love of learning

·        Provide a challenging, supportive and enthusiastic learning environment

·        Promote self-respect and confidence so that our children take pride in their own learning and the achievements of others

·        Have high expectations and an appreciation of a child’s individuality so that, as a child of God, they can achieve their full potential

·        Encourage children to take pride in their behaviour, developing an understanding and respect for religious and cultural diversity, in order to become responsible members of society

·        Foster close relationships between the school, home, church and the local community.