OFSTED graded 'Good' October 2019. "Bayford is a lively, friendly place to learn. Pupils are polite, helpful and caring.

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School Council

School Council helps the whole school!

The School Council at Bayford School consists of two children from years 2 to 6. These children are elected by a class vote and are chosen by their classmates for having the right qualities needed to run a successful School Council.

The School Council meets every few weeks and more often when issues or ideas arise in school. They meet at lunchtimes and discuss things which are happening in school and they also bring messages from their classmates that may need discussing further. They come up with ideas for fundraising alongside FOBS and how we can spend the money in school. They also contribute to key decisions about the school for example changing the school uniform and have helped interview members of staff for key positions.

The School Council discusses various topics of concern. These include a range of items, including: the school playground, toilets, lockers, health & safety and the quality of learning in the classroom.