OFSTED graded 'Good' October 2019. "Bayford is a lively, friendly place to learn. Pupils are polite, helpful and caring.

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Nursery & Reception

Hello again Nursery and Reception families, 

I hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful weather the last few days. I have continued to enjoy walking in the area around my house and particularly love exploring the woods. The people who live down my road have put lots of teddies in their windows for people to spot when they go walking. I have put a teddy bear and a bunny rabbit in my window. I wonder if any of you have spotted some teddies when you have been out for a walk, bike or scooter ride?

Here are some lovely craft ideas for Nursery and Reception to enjoy, including fingerprint flowers, minibeast pebbles and yoghurt pot frogs. 

Reception parents please continue to work on your child's word pot with them. Please find the list of words they are currently working on below and add new words into their pot once they can confidently read them on sight.

Phase two words

Phase three words

Phase four words

Phase five words

Stay safe and keep having fun!

Miss Young x


Hi Nursery and Reception families, 

I hope you are all safe and well and have been enjoying spending time with your families.  I have been missing my Mum and Dad very much but I have taught them to video call. It has been very fun being able to see them as we talk and they have even been showing me what their cats Frankie and Matilda have been up to!

Reception children previously learnt the diagraphs ch, sh, th, ng,ai and ee when we were at school. Please help them to learn or, oa, er and igh/ie. This is a photo of the flashcards I  would use to teach these sounds in class. It would be great if you could make flashcards of the previously learnt sounds as well as the new ones. Only teach one new sound a day. On youtube there is a great programme your child can watch to support them to learn these sounds, just type in Geraldine the Giraffe. You can also type into youtube Jolly Phonics and the sound you are teaching and there are some resources available to help you. 

In a Phonics lesson I would begin with the children recapping the previously learnt  sounds and then I would teach a new sound. I would then ask the children to write words with the new sound in. For example, when I taught the souund 'ee' I asked the children to write the words queen, green, tree, weeds, bee, feed and cheese. 

Next, the children would have a go at reading words with the new sound in. You can use the website www.phonicsplay.co.uk  to help you with this. You can choose different games (the children are very familiar with Picnic on Pluto, Dragon's Den, Buried Treasure and Pick a Picture). You can select the sound the game focuses on each time.

After that, you can help consolidate your child's learning by writing a sentence with tricky words in it and also a word containing the new sound for the day. Ask your child to read that sentence to you. 

Take care of yourselves,

Miss Young x 



Hello again Nursery and Reception families,

I hope you all received your child's learning journal observations yesterday and you enjoyed looking at them together. Maybe you could send them to your Nannys and Grandads , Aunts and Uncles or other members of your family and friends to look at? I know how happy they made me feel looking at them yesterday and they would definitely cheer up the people who love and miss you at the moment. 

Today would have been our Easter Bonnet Parade. I wonder if you can remember any of the Easter songs we learnt and sing them to everyone at home? Maybe you could phone someone up and sing to them?

Here are some great Easter cutting activites for both Nursery and Reception children. Next have a go at designing your own Easter egg. You could cut out your completed design too.

Lots of love to you all,

Miss Young


Hello Nursery and Reception families,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend! I have been going for a long walk every day and have had lots of fun exploring different routes. Yesterday I discovered lots of horses behind the woodland where I live. It was such a pretty view I took a photo to share with you. I would love to see some photos of walks you have been on. 

Reception children I hope you had fun making your clocks and playing the bingo game! Have a try at these time-telling  activites. 

Reception children have a go at finishing these sentences. Remember to use your lead-in strokes!

I  miss you all but hope you are having fun!

Miss Young x





Hello again Nursery and Reception families,

I hope you are all beginning to settle into a new routine at home. It has definitely taken me a few days to get into the rhythm of being at home and I miss seeing all of your smiles when I open the classroom door in the mornings.

I wonder if any of you were awake last night at eight o'clock to give a round of applause to  the nurses, doctors and carers who are working so incredibly hard at the moment? I think everyone who lives in my road came outside and there was lots of noise and cheering!

These are some ongoing daily activites that I recommend for your children:

  • Name writing,  remembering to use lead-in strokes for all the letters. Reception children should be encuraged to write their surnames.
  • Listening to stories read by an adult. http://stories.audible.com/discovery has some lovely free audiobooks which would be just perfect to listen to before bedtime. 
  • Reception children should be reading to an adult five times a week for at least five minutes. 
  • Practical, hands on maths activites, including cooking, card and board games, counting , looking for shapes inside and outside, pattern making. Reception children should be encouraged to write numbers.
  • Fine motor skill activities, including playdough, finger painting, pasta threading, cutting, lego. 
  • Gross motor skill activities, including bike riding, ball games,  jumping, climbing, running, dance, yoga. 

Reception parents please help your child to make the attached clock here.

Please help your child to learn to tell the time to the o'clock, then play this bingo game as a family.

When your child is ready to progress you can help them to learn to tell the time to the half past.

I send my love to you all,

Miss Young


Hello to all Nursery and Reception families,

I hope you are all safe and well. You can download an Early Years Daily Routine with activity ideas and suggestions to help you stick to a more structured routine while your child is home from school. These are just helpful ideas, the key to success is being flexible and finding a routine that works best for you. Play is still the most valuable thing you can do with your children and children will be constantly learning while they play.

I enclosed a lot of activities, work and useful websites in the home learning packs I distributed to you. Please work at your own pace to complete these.

We have been very lucky to have some beautiful, sunny weather. I hope you have taken advantage of this by being outside, riding your bikes and scooters, doing some gardening or feeding the ducks!

I miss you all and send you my best wishes,

Miss Young