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Science Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement

At Bayford Primary School we aim to prepare children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.  In order to develop scientific thinking, we aim to build on children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.  We believe a practical, inspiring and challenging science curriculum is the entitlement of all our children. Where possible, science is taught as part of topics, but teachers are aware that some science skills have to be taught in discrete lessons. Teachers follow the National Curriculum Programmes of study to ensure children are taught the necessary skills and knowledge required. Teachers ensure the children are working scientifically, as per guidance in the National Curriculum, wherever possible.

During a recent science lesson in Class 3 the children were learning about reversible and irreversible changes. They discovered that when gases are produced the change is usually irreversible.

Dr Foster demonstrating irreversible changes. The children in Class 3 now understand that neither the gas produced by the reaction, or the mentos, can be recovered.

Children in Class 3 discovering that melting chocolate to a liquid is a reversible change as it can be solidified again by cooling it with ice.