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Religious Education


Religious Education Policy

We follow the Hertfordshire agreed syllabus for Religious Education. This syllabus requires that pupils learn about and through religion, and that teachers encourage pupils to reflect on their own beliefs and values whilst acknowledging that others may hold beliefs different to their own.  The units of work are studied by children across the whole school. As a Church of England controlled school we not only have strong links with St Mary’s Church in Bayford, but our foundations are embedded in the Church of England.

Children are taught RE through exploring stories, artefacts, festivals and workshops. St. Mary’s Church is regularly used as a resource for learning and Reverend Pauline also supports our planned areas of study. The main world religions are also explored in KS2 in accordance with the agreed syllabus.

An act of collective worship takes place every day led by the Head Teacher or other members of the senior leadership team and once a week by Reverend Pauline. Other clergy and visitors come into school to take collective worship. For example, we have recently had visits from leaders of other faiths such as Judaism, Islam and Sikhism. Parents are invited to attend class assemblies on a termly basis and they also join us for our church services such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

Children say a morning prayer at the start of the day and thank God for the food we eat through saying grace at lunchtimes. Children are encouraged to write their own prayers for our prayer box and they are read out by the children during our acts of collective worship.