OFSTED graded 'Good' October 2019. "Bayford is a lively, friendly place to learn. Pupils are polite, helpful and caring.


MFL - French

Learning and using another language allows children to explore the lifestyle and culture of another country. Additionally, it enhances their general learning skills, teaching pupils to pay attention to the meaning and spelling of words, developing awareness of grammar and sentence structures, and using context to aid understanding.

At Bayford we focus our studies on French to enable pupils to make substantial progress in that language over the six years they are KS1 and KS2. Lydie, a specialist language teacher and native French speaker delivers the language lessons weekly throughout the year to each year group.

The focus of study is on practical communication, incorporating a balance of spoken and written language, and is based on familiar and routine matters, such as going to school, sports, hobbies, mealtimes and festivals.

Lydie also runs a French club on Thursday lunchtimes which is very well attended by children from all year groups. Each term the club culminates in an assembly where the children show what they have learnt through short plays and sketches which is enjoyed by parents and the rest of the school.