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Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement

At Bayford, our history curriculum is designed to help children gain a knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past as well as the past of the wider world. This is achieved through the teaching of topics to stimulate children's interests and understanding of past events and lives. We teach children a sense of chronology, starting in the Early Years where children find out about past, present and future events in their own lives. In KS1 children find out about events in living memory through the topic Toys Over Time. Through studying the Great Fire of London the children are taught about events beyond living memory. In addition, children in KS1 study the lives of significant people in history throughout the world.

In lower KS2, children learn about changes in Britain from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age as well as studying the Romans and the settlement in Britain by Anglo-Saxons and Scots including historical figures such as Edward the Confessor.

In upper KS2, children further develop their knowledge of British history through a study of a significant turning point – World War 2. They learn about the significant events of the war and how children and families were affected by the fighting and how life in Britain has changed as a result. Children also conduct a local history study by comparing the census returns for Bayford from 1841 and 1891 to see how the introduction of the railways during the Victorian era affected local people. Children in KS2 also study the Ancient Greeks and discover that much of the world is still influenced by the philosophers and mathematicians from that period in history.